The Magical Costumes of Hogwarts at Your Fingertips
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Get swept away into the spell of Harry Potter with our costumes from the magical movies and books! Whether you’re a muggle-born or a pureblood wizard, you’ll find just the costume you need for a trip to Hogwarts. Each of our kids Harry Potter costumes, in styles for both boys and girls, are designed directly from the movies to satisfy every Harry Potter fan. Whatever house your child aligns with, be it Gyrffindor with Hermoine and Ron Weasley, or Ravenclaw with Luna Lovegood, we have the perfect costume robe for them. But our costumes aren’t just for kids either. A full selection of mens and womens adult costumes rounds out our collection, to make sure that no fan, no matter how young or old, gets left out of the adventure.

Harry Potter Accessories

Need a special item to craft a potion? How about a Harry Potter wand to cast your Patronus Charm? No matter what your wizarding needs, we have just the Harry Potter accessory to suit your sorcery. You can get your authentic scarf or tie from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Slytherin to show your Hogwarts school spirit, or you can get a realistic Dobby, Hagrid, or Mad-Eye Moody mask to become one of Harry’s allies. You can even find plush toys of all your favorite pets, like Fawkes the Phoenix, Crookshanks and Scabbers! No matter what kind of magical item you’re searching has exactly the charm you need to keep the sorcery flowing.